Itemata's Diving Rates 2019

We are pleased to present Itemata's Diving rates in Polynesia for 2019. You will find a summary of most of the information about diving, crew, dive sites, prices, cancellation conditions, etc. For any other question please contact us here.


Diving cruises inside the zone from Fakarava to Tikehau. INCLUDING: full board, soft drinks, water, the and coffee, sheets ans towels,  round trip airport shuttle, land visits if available. NOT INCLUDING: dive gear, alcool, insurance, flghts.



Diving cruises are available for an entire week (8 days) from thursday to thurdays (1 flight a week). INCLUDING: full board, soft drinks, water, the and coffe, sheets ans towels,  round trip airport shuttle, land visits if available. NOT INCLUDING: dive gear, alcool, insurance, flghts.



Available from december to march included each year. INCLUDING: full board, soft drinks, water, the and coffe, sheets ans towels. NOT INCLUDING: dive gear, round trip airport shuttle, land visits if available. alcool, insurance, flghts.



Itemata's rates are VAT included in euros per person based of 4 divers, minimum 8 days & 7 nights on board. Minimum 2 dives a day garanty, the 3rd dive with additionnal fee.


Number of days/nights




8 jours / 7 nuits 3086 €  3295 € 3511 €
9 jours / 8 nuits 3549 €   4027 €
10 jours / 9 nuits 4012 €   4542 €
11 jours / 10 nuits 4475 €   5058 €
12 jours / 11 nuits 4939 €    5573 €
13 jours / 12 nuits 5402 €   6089 €
14 jours / 13 nuits 5866 €   6604 €
15 jours / 14 nuits 6329 € 6714 € 7119 €
16 jours / 15 nuits 6792 € 7203 € 7635  €

Special request:

Please ask for safaris, remote destinations, kids on board, single traveler, special meals, pets on board, etc.

Ask for our groups rate and conditions.

Number of person on board:

Itemata is a huge catamaran who can accomodate 14 person. However we only take maximum 8 person. 

Number of person on board (except crew) maximum: 8 person consisting of 5 divers maximum or 6 if 1 is Dive Master or Instructor


Your crew on board: the Captain Jean-Marie, the hostess Frédérique, a Dive Guide and his assistante the security diving dinghy driver.


4 double bed with private toilet/shower + 1 twin bed with private toilet/shower.

Guests on board have double bed cabin with private bathroom.

Singles are accomodated in double bed cabin if available no extra charge.

We do our best for the guest on board: if there's a free cabin during the trip, it will be given for your better comfort. 

Payment plan:

A down payment of 30 % for the booking / 30% at 2 months before departure day / Balance 1 month before departure day. 

Other plan on request.

Cancellation fees: 

90% of the booking deposit will be refund if the cancelation is done within 30 days after the reception of the deposit in our bank account.

50% of the deposit will be refund if the cancellation is done between 31st day and 60 days before departure.

Cancellation 60 days before departure : no refund. We are open to postpone deposit on a following trip.


Captain can modify the itinerary without notice.

As well as the crew can change without notice. 

Guaranteed departure:

The departure is garanteed from 4 person on board.

Number of dives per day:

There's a minimum of 2 dives a day. We offer 3 dives a day with additionnal fee.

Dive certification request:

To enjoy your dive cruise we recommand a second level minimum (advance ou rescue) and a good experience with minimum 100 dives. Nevertheless, all divers are welcome on board and enjoy the majority of our dives sites.

Rebreather : 

Please contact us for rebreather diving on Itemata Diving Cruises. Additionnal fee of 30 €/pers./jour for the rebreather dive guide. Consumables such as O² and lime are not included. 

Documents required:

Dive card and personnal insurance are requested.


Thanks for taking soft luggages on board, if possible. Nevertheless, Itemata is a big catamaran and have a lot of space to stock any volume or weight on board.

Airport shuttles:

Airport shuttles are organized by Itemata Diving Cruises excepted if you wish to do it by yourself.

We can pick you up or drop you off from/to your hotel or pension. 

Airport shuttles cost is included for Tuamotu and Marquesas.

Nights on board :

The first night on board is the first date of the cruise; last night on board is the date before the last cruise's day (ex. cruise from 2 to 12 june, first night will be on june second, last night will be june 11th with desemkment june 12th)

Lunch or snack is included on arrival and departure days.

Dive Equipment

We do not provide dive gear. We have SCUBAPRO dive gear on board in case you need it during the cruise. We have scuba, mask and fins.

Meals on board Itemata

Home made local food and french traditionnal cuisine. Special regime on request.

Water temperature

Between 27° and 29°C in Tuamotu to 31°C in Marquesas all year long.